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About Us

And here we are in the xmas season already. I am glad to say that everyone has behaved themselves and all the high street window displays are holding back – when I was little we wrapped our pressies and put the tree up all on xmas eve and got the meat and veg on xmas morning and by boxing day that was it! So civilised!
Now, I am a gift shop and Art Gallery so really shouldn’t have that attitude as I am now going to impress upon you the need to get organised and make sure you come into the gallery on 1st November for the launch of our ART FOR GIFTS @ XMAS. You will find the most perfect piece of art for an aunt that loves poppies or dad that loves fishing. Maybe even a brother that loves Popart and a sister that loves LOVE. It’s all here but in artform. Come on down – we promise not to even shake a sleigh bell at you (oh yes – we have those at £3 per box!).
The facebook page is going well and unlike this website (always out of date – I’m so rubbish at this) updates every day two or three times so it’s worth ‘liking’ us even if you don’t like us! There are freebie giveaways, offers and news – sometimes I just give away stuff for no-reason whatsoever other than I want you to ‘LIKE’ us.
And remember if you are doing xmas on a budget (only 2 paydays left) then we have 3 month payment plans. Best to be broke in January than broke at xmas!



Affordable Art

money imageSome people already know that I operate payment plans which have covered anything from £20 to a ceiling of £500. Basically you can put aside any piece of art. We split that cost over 2 or 3 months depending on the artist’s permission. There are no fees at all! One lady bought a painting for £50 and emptied the change from her husband’s trousers every night and instead of a coffee she brought it into the gallery until it was paid off. One day there was about eleven pence! She told her husband it cost the equivalent of a bit of spare change. If only he knew! So don’t be shy – if you really want a painting but can’t quite shell out for it in one go – think about a payment plan.